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Chibi Zira Wallpaper by SephirothThePure Chibi Zira Wallpaper :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 0 0 The Breaker - MAA Leader by SephirothThePure The Breaker - MAA Leader :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 0 Tsukihime - Shiki Tohno by SephirothThePure Tsukihime - Shiki Tohno :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 0 Tsukihime - Arcueid Brunestud by SephirothThePure Tsukihime - Arcueid Brunestud :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 4 5 Beauty In Chaos by SephirothThePure Beauty In Chaos :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 13
Musing Circles
Always creatively we write,
Through the day and through the night.
We are allies, we are friends,
We could be enemies till the end.
The challenge is to speak our minds,
To search our souls and share what we find.
Skin color, religion, neither matters here.
We lift each other up, through joy and tears.
We write of joy, we write of love,
Our dreams, soaring on the wings of a dove.
Though we laugh, though we cry,
Though we look around and wonder why,
We'll always be here, we'll always write,
Through the days, and long lonely nights.
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 8
All There Is Of You - Xaya by SephirothThePure All There Is Of You - Xaya :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 2 Clap As They Go By - Atlatonin by SephirothThePure Clap As They Go By - Atlatonin :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 8
Mature content
RoC - The Team Reformed Part 2 :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 0
The Night For Thieves - Cholo by SephirothThePure The Night For Thieves - Cholo :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 3 13
Beneath The Winter Moonlight
A chill invades the night
A songbird trills in fright
In wisdom takes to flight
Avoiding your wintry song
Frost creeps across the flowers
Ice forms its crystal towers
Yet I listen through the hours
To the notes so sad and long
“My love, find me true
There is naught I can do
My heart shall call to you
Please my love, come to me.”
Drawn always to thy song
And the notes so sad and long
Seeking to right this wrong
My soul is drawn to thee
Your beauty no one knows
Gorgeous as the fallen snow
And as your song does flow
So my soul with you doth dance
“Come my love; come to me
Through the ice you’ll see
Thy true love of destiny,
Won’t you be my second chance?”
And as our love doth grow
The winds begin to blow
Amidst the swirling snow
I see your ice begin to thaw
The ice begins to break
Your limbs begin to quake
Your lungs their breath intake
As I stare at you in awe
You fall into my loving grasp
And looking at me gasp
“You’ve found me at last”
As I
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 3 20
RoC: The Team Reformed - Part1
RoK Chronicles - The Team Reformed (Part 1)
Shujiri flashed into existence in the town square of Geffen, The City of Mages.  The only city more well-known for it's magic users and wealth of knowledge was Yuno, but Shujiri was certain he wouldn't find the man he was looking for there.  After all, what need would a High Priest have to go to Yuno?  But Shujiri had a hunch that he could find the apprehensive young man here, where they sold the one thing the Priest just couldn't do without.
Zira inspected the blue gemstones he was about to buy carefully.  Not that he didn't trust the magic shop salesman, but he found it was always better to be cautious when your very life (or the life of another) rested in how well a certain gem performed the necessary magic.  These gems were used for just about everything the Priest used on a daily basis - his favorite attack spell (one of the few he actually had), his ressurection spell,
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 0
ROC: Shujiri Renewed
RoK Chronicles:  Shujiri Renewed
Holding out his right hand, Shujiri called to the spirits of the world, "By the power of Freya, transport me to Morroc!"
The familiar gut-wrenching feeling of being removed from the fabric of the universe, then stitched back into existence at a new location did not bother Shujiri as much as it did so long ago when he first started his training as an assassin in Void.  He glanced around at the devastated desert town, almost completely wiped out after the revival of Satan Morroc.  I've much training to do before I can hope to face him.
Shujiri headed out the north western exit of the town and headed towards the oasis outside of the pyramids (which also happened to be the new home for most of the remaining townspeople).  Walking through the makeshift homes and shops, Shujiri felt a pang of guilt.  Many times had he walked through Morroc, marveling at the architecture of the city, and th
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 17
ROC: Shujiri Reborn
RoK Chronicles:  Shujiri Reborn
Shujiri floated serenely through the nothingness of the Void.  He couldn't feel his body - indeed, it didn't exist any longer.
Huh.  Is this what it's like to truly die?  What happened to Rune-Midgard?  I don't understand what's going on, but I'm okay with that, I guess.
A piercing light broke through the emptiness surrounding him, and his body took on form again, outlined by the light.  Are you truly ready to give up so soon, my warrior?  A familiar voice asked from somewhere inside his mind.
In a flash, he was suddenly standing on the ground in the middle of a beautiful garden.  Flowers of every color, size, and variety (including many he'd never seen before) surrounded him, lightly scenting the air with a heavenly fragrance.  In the distance he could see a palace made from the whitest marble he'd ever seen.
Puzzled, Shujiri pushed aside a loc
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 4
Mon Cheri Chiot
Mon Chéri Chiot
Do I deserve to love and be loved?
With all of the sorrow I've caused?
Now someone whom I can call beloved,
Has given me hope to move on.
To cast off the chains of my past
Discard the grief that I held,
And escape from my present at last
To find that our futures meld.
My love, you call me your angel
Though I fear I'm a demon inside.
Still now I feel I can wrangle
My darkness when your light shines.
So let me stay here beside you,
If only for a moment more.
I'll always be here to love you,
For it is only you I adore.
:iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 2 26
ID Card by SephirothThePure ID Card :iconsephiroththepure:SephirothThePure 1 5

Random Favourites

Sonic: Me Gusta by Hayakain
Mature content
Sonic: Me Gusta :iconhayakain:Hayakain 1,417 375
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Haunted Cat by FatkurGanteng Haunted Cat :iconfatkurganteng:FatkurGanteng 74 31 Lighting Bolt Dragon by pamansazz Lighting Bolt Dragon :iconpamansazz:pamansazz 724 23 Have some Kitteh by lires Have some Kitteh :iconlires:lires 529 110


Yoinked from klickdude20's journal.  Looked like fun.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits:
"Body Breakdown" by DragonForce

Waking Up:
"Birth of a God - Final Fantasy VII" by Powerglove

First Day At School:
"Viva la Vida (Spanish Guitar Club Mix)" by Captain Jack

Making Your New Best Friend:
"Dr. Wiley's Theme - Mega Man 2" by Powerglove

Falling In Love:
"Silent Jealousy" by X-Japan

Breaking Up:
"This Week The Trend" by Relient K

"Obsessed" by BoA

"A.M. 11-00" by HY

Life's Okay:
"The Day Before You" by Rascal Flatts

Death of a Close Friend:
"Ambush" by Jesper Kyd (Assassin's Creed Revelations Soundtrack)

Mental Breakdown:
"LEVEL4 (Ground Zero I-Mix)" by TM Revolution

"Shoes 'N Hats" by Smashmouth

Getting Back Together:
"Air Underneath My Feet" by Patent Pending

Birth of Child:
"Emily" by Bowling For Soup

Wedding Scene:
"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" by Avenue Q

Car Accident:
"Stab My Back" by All-American Rejects

Final Battle:
"Unspoken" by The Ghost Inside

Death Scene:
"If You're Gone" by Matchbox 20

Funeral Song:
"The Snow Fall" by Band of Horses

End Credits:
"NO.1" by BoA

Deleted Scenes:
"If Only" by Bowling For Soup

"It's All About The Booty" by Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew
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Heroic Decepticons FTW
United States
I'm Seph. Not much to say. I dabble in poetry, and I try to make some semblance of art, but usually fail. XD
I like anime, manga, video games, comics...your regular old run of the mill nerd.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite cartoon character: General Iroh from Avatar / Coop from Megas XLR
Personal Quote: "Did you just say you're 'deep-fried and delicious'?"


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